Surgery is specialised surgery for abnormalities of the eyelids and their surrounding tissues.

Our Oculoplastic surgeons are all trained ophthalmologists (eye doctors) who understand how eyelid surgery can affect the comfort of the eye and the clarity of vision. They are accustomed to working around the eye and face.

Oculoplastic surgery is done for both medical and aesthetic reasons.

Some of the main medical conditions treated by oculoplastic surgeons include:
•    Eyelid cysts and tumours
•    Malposition’s (eg. drooping eyelids, eyelids turned in or out)
•    Thyroid Eye Disease
•    Watering Eyes

Aesthetic surgery performed by oculoplastic surgeons include:
•    Blepharoplasty
•    Orbital implants
•    Botulinum toxin / Fillers


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