Laser surgery is an advance in modern eye surgery that has revolutionized the correction of focusing errors such as short-sightedness (myopia), astigmatism, and long sightedness (hyperopia).

These focusing errors have until recently required correction by the wearing of glasses or contact lenses.  The development of laser eye surgery has changed all of this and has benefited millions of people, by reducing their dependency on glasses and contact lens wear.

Our surgeons at the Peninsula Eye Clinic are highly skilled and with over 100 years of combined experience will be able to offer you the best possible solution for your laser correction. Your surgery will be performed by a fully trained ophthalmologist with a licence to perform laser refractive surgery.

At the Peninsula Eye Clinic we insist on having the most up to date technology and equipment. Our recently acquired Alcon Wavelight EX500 laser is at the very cutting edge of laser technology being the most advanced laser system in the world. With this super fast laser custom treatments including topography-guided and wavefront-guided are offered to suit your individual needs. In addition, if you have had a sub-optimal result on a less advanced laser system elsewhere many of the imperfections in your vision can be corrected using the enhancement programs in the Alcon Wavelight EX500.

Although not everyone is suitable for this type of surgery, this concept may interest you and perhaps you would like to find out more about this life-changing surgery.



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