• Presbyopia is a term used to describe an eye in that has lost the ability to focus clearly on near objects. ( loss of accommodation)
  • Accommodation is the eye’s way of changing its focusing distance to enable one to focus close-up.
  • At about the age of 40, the lens starts becoming less flexible and accommodation is gradually lost over the next twenty years.
  • It’s a normal process that everyone experiences except for short-sighted people that retain good near vision..
  • You will know when it’s happening to you as you’ll need to hold objects or reading material further away from the eyes in order to focus.
  • Presbyopia cannot be cured but can be compensated for by using bifocal, or multifocal glasses and  contact lenses
  • There are also surgical options such as intra-ocular lenses and laser treatments that can help to overcome the problem of presbyopia